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Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold Honda B Series

Skunk2 Pro-Series Intake Manifold: Skunk2 Racing’s Pro-Series...

Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold Honda B Series

Skunk2 Pro-Series Intake Manifold: Skunk2 Racing’s Pro-Series....

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20 September 2013

TRD FT 86 shiftknob and battery tiedown

FT86/Brz air vent gauge pod for 60mm

ATI has released their vent pod for the Toyota Ft 86 and Subaru BRZ. The ATI vent pod for the FRS & BRZ allows owners to put a 60 MM gauge in the drivers side vent.

31 May 2013

5ZIGEN : Releases Econ + for Ft86 / BRZ

ECON+ (plus), and it is advanced version of grounding system.

Resulting to quicker response on all rpm, and of course torque drop is solved.

Econ + is increases voltage to ignition coil from 12V to about 16V at a constant level. Giving higher sparking on each coil leading to stronger torque which leads to increase of Horsepower .

By providing constant high level of voltage (16v) closer to the warranted 18volts need by performance vechicles , it helps eliminate ignition miss fire at high Rpm and power loss during high surge in voltage consumption.

30 May 2013


GrimmSpeed has announced the release of their Top Mount Intercooler. GrimmSpeed has engineered an excellent balance of heat transfer, flow, fitment and quality and with an available y-pipe upgrade and five splitter options for the 02-07 WRX and all STI fitments.


Smooth End Tank Internal Contours - Designed for maximum flow

Machined Flange Faces and Internal Bores - Maximum pressure-tightness and unrestricted flow

Machined Throttle Body Connection

Permanent Mold End Tank Tooling and Casting - Allows much tighter tolerances and higher strength

High-Density, High-Flow Core - Optimizes heat transfer and minimizes flow restriction for turbo Subaru's

Cleaned, Inspected and Sealed Prior to Shipping - Prevent Motor Damage Due To Foreign Matter Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts

Tomei Ti expreme for Hyundai Genesis

Full titanium catback exhaust for hyundai genesis 2.0

25 May 2013

Kate: bolt-on oil cooler kit for FT86/BRZ

A MUST for serious next level tunning!!!

24 May 2013


" If you are modifying 86/BRZ, "Grounding" is the most effective items.
Many makers reported that Grounding system solve torque drops at 3000 to 4000RPM"- Japan option magazine

Perrin Engine Room Wrinkled Red Garnish

* front upper strutbar wrinkled red finish
* radiator shroud ( air diversion plate) wrinkled red finish
* boost selonoid cover wrinkled red finish
* belt cover wrinkled red finish

Deatchwerks package for ft86/Brz

DeatschWerks now offers the DW65c, an upgraded 265 LPH fuel pump for the 2013 Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S. The DW65c supports the DeatschWerks BRZ/FR-S 450cc, 700cc and 900cc injectors

DeatschWerks’ DW65c fuel pump is the only drop-in fitment aftermarket fuel pump available for the BRZ and FR-S. Together, the DW injectors and fuel pump make up a package that can boost the 200 horsepower stock BRZ/FR-S to as much as 500 hp.

The DeatschWerks BRZ/FR-S injectors and pump also fit the Toyota 86, released in Europe, Japan and elsewhere.

All DeatschWerks fuel pumps come with a quiet, reliable turbine impeller, a 3-year warranty and industry-leading tech support.


Cusco Ignition Component: *Ignition Voltage Capacitor*
* Improves engine response from low to high RPM range by supplying the ignition coil with stablized power.
* Reduces resistance to battery so is ideal for vehicles equipped with additional aftermarket electronic components.

*Direct Ignition Coil Set*
* Newly designed internal ignition coil design which produces increased spark maintained to high RPM range.
* Efficiently filters all frequency noise while keeping stable ignition to the higher revolutions.
* Promotes more eļ¬ƒcient combustion, decreasing CO & HC ppm.
* Other applications (plug & play harness) available, please inquire within.
* Direct factory replacement, no wiring or modification required.